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Villa Tina… the Door of the Abruzzo National Park

The smallest village of Alfedena (m 914, ab. 732), is situated in the province of the Aquila.
Its origins go back to the time of the sanniti ones, the village dell' high they of the Sangro Goes, has in the territory of the reperti that they comment the life in the medioevale period in the territory.
Known because center of holiday in the period of the summery season, with numerous possible excursions in mounts of the Goal, but also for the vicinity (only 15 minuteren of car) all' comprensorio important sciistico Roccaraso, Aremogna and Pratello.

(in the photo Marsicano Bear symbol of the National Park)

To visit Important building of cult for the city is the church of Ss. Peter e Paolo, situated in the ancient center of the village, fact of small houses, all constructed in grey stone. The building laughed them to XIII the century, rifared after the second world war. They can be carried out of the excursions in the ruins of Aufidena, in which they remain of the features of walls defensives of when the city was under the sannita dominion.